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“Discover How To Get Booked To Speak Worldwide, Travel The World, Create A Freedom Lifestyle Business & Become A Successful Speaker So You Can Attract High – End Clients, Become Well – Known, Reach The Top & Support Others”

Make A Quantum Leap
That Will Take Your Life & Business To A Whole New Level

 What You Will Discover

At the ‘Entrepreneurs Are Leaders’ , you will discover:

Discover How To Get Booked To Speak Worldwide, Travel The World & Become A Successful Speaker So You Can Reach The Top & Support Others.
Get The Motivation To Achieve Anything You Want – From Celebrity coach Ken Carter – whose life was played in the Hollywood movie Coach Carter by celebrity actor Samuel L Jackson
How To Brand Yourself To Differentiate From The Rest
How To Speak Confidently & Overcome The Fear Of Speaking
How To Get Featured On CNN & on TV So You Can Get Booked To Speak

How To Get Speaking Opportunities
How To Leverage Property To Create Your Desired Lifestyle
How To Organise Your Life With The One Life, One List System So You Can Be Ready To Fly Anywhere, Anytime
How To Create Leadership In Your Team So Your Team Supports You
How To Automate Your Business Cashflow, Save More Money & Time
Discover Marketing Strategies To Get You Ranked # 1 on Youtube & Build A Lifestyle Business On Your Terms

How To Create A Membership Based Business That Gives You A Freedom Lifestyle
How To Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking
How To Present More Effectively So More Business Comes To You
How To Expand Your Business With Public Speaking
How To Enhance Your Personal Brand So You Can Charge More
How To Monetise Your Knowledge
How To Become Financially Free By Investing in Properties

How To Become An Authority in Your Business
How To Get High-End Clients
How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income In Your Business
How To Set And Accomplish Your Goals
The Most Innovative Sales Techniques
The Latest Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

IMPORTANT FACT: What Makes Us Different Is That We Give More Value!

Harry Sardinas and Lily Patrascu with Tony Robbins, The #1 Business Strategist worth 500 million dollars,“CEO Whisperer” and author of New York Times #1 best-seller MONEY: Master the Game and UNSHAKEABLE

Lily Patrascu is a branding master. She will share how you too can enhance your personal brand, become more well – known and create power positioning with her Brand For Speakers programme..

Harry Sardinas is an empowerment, public speaking and leadership coach. He will share how you too can empower yourself to overcome your fear of speaking and become a confident international speaker.

Lily Patrascu with Les Brown, The World’s Leading Motivational Speaker. Radio DJ & Former TV host, author of the best-selling book ‘Live Your Dreams’.



Empowerment, Public Speaking & Leadership Coach

Hi, I am Harry Sardinas – the founder of Entrepreneurs Are Leaders, Speakers are Leaders, Millionaire Speakers Network and At the event I will empower you to speak more confidently in an entertaining way so more people want to do business with you. My international 2 day workshop Speakers Are Leaders was listed in the New Tycoon app alongside world’s best courses – alongside Gary Vaynerchuck, Dr Demartini and Robert Kiyosaki.

I have trained thousands of Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Coaches and Young people to overcome their fear of public speaking and become more confident when speaking from the stage, so they can share their message with the world, contribute to society and create wealth at the same time and I can empower you to do the same so you can achieve your full potential, get the best results at work, attract more business to you and create a movement of inspired raving fans for your product.

I am an empowerment, public speaking & leadership coach, an international speaker, an entrepreneur, inspiring leader and author of multiple of books. I was invited to speak about my book on stage at National Achievers Congress, in front of more than 2000 people. Tony Robbins, Eddy the Eagle, JT Foxx, Kevin Green were headline speakers at that event. I’ve won the Toastmasters international public speaking contest club and area level. I have spoken at the same event as world class international speakers like Les Brown, Armand Morin and Sean Seah. Learn the skills, strategies and techniques that will transform your life and business. Book your ticket now for Entrepreneurs Are Leaders and I will see you there.


Personal Branding Mentor, Book Publisher & Sales Coach

Lily will share how you too can create power positioning by enhancing your personal brand. She is a Personal Branding Mentor, Book Publisher & Sales Coach.

Lily is the founder of “Brand For Speakers” (We Make You Look Great), co – founder of “Speakers Are Leaders” (Your Voice Can Transform The World), “Entrepreneurs Are Leaders” (Your Business Can Transform The World),“Millionaire Speakers Network” ( Become A World Class Speaker) and – programmes listed alongside world’s best courses that aim to inspire entrepreneurs to attract more business to them and overcome their fear of speaking.

Her books have enabled her to go from nanny to running a 6 figure business, increasing sales, visibility and trust, and getting booked to speak worldwide.

She is mentoring CEOs, property investors, influencers, gold medalists, inspirational people, coaches, speakers and ordinary people to write, publish and brand a book that can be turned into a business model in 60 days. She is particularly proud to have empowered women from different walks of life – some of them with low resources.
She has empowered hotel chains, financial institutions, universities, charities, politicians, employees, entrepreneurs, authors, and young people to enhance their sales.

She has shared the stage with top world class speakers such as marketing expert Armand Morin, and she has empowered more than 10000 people in the UK, Singapore, Peru and Mexico in 2018 alone with her coaching programs to enhance their image and attract more business, share their message with the world and monetise their knowledge at the same time.


Founder of Millionaire Speakers Network (Singapore)
Speaker Coach & Mentor

Hock-Chong will share how to present your business like a movie, engaging your audience right from the start till the end. Hock-Chong is a speaker & sales coach. He helps CEOs, speakers, coaches and consultants become the #1 sales presenters in their business category so they can increase sales faster, spend more time with their families, and live the life they only dream about creating. He is also a corporate trainer and coaches the sales teams at IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and Sales Force. Since 2005, he has already trained over thousands of sales executives at top IT companies.

He will share with you the strategies on how you can take your presentation skills on your sales letters, sales videos, or webinars to a completely different level. The reason why his programs are different is because he is actually a practitioner; and he implements what he is teaching. He will show you things that he actually does in his business as a direct result of traveling the world, and speaking to thousands of people, to business owners as well as multi-national corporations.

Hock-Chong founded Millionaire Speakers Network in Singapore in 2018 with the purpose of helping business owners find a voice on the stage, so that they can take their business to the next level by presenting, speaking to many people, and creating a compelling pitch. Also, by understanding how to take the messaging of what you have to offer and to be able to convert a whole lot better. He also wants to help new and young entrepreneurs to get started by being speakers, getting their message out there and monetizing it, or want to know how to create sales letters, sales videos, webinars, or even speak offline in events and platforms and turn that into a business.

What is Entrepreneurs Are Leaders?

ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs Are Leaders Gives You A Business Kickstarter Plan

Entrepreneurs Are Leaders Is A Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship & Empowerment Event

Entrepreneurs are Leaders is the most engaging experiential business event ever created which will enable you to expand your business (by speaking more effectively), position yourself as an authority, monetize your knowledge and get high-end clients. It is a 2 day transformational entrepreneurship and leadership weekend course.

Harry & Lily On Stage

Harry And Lily With Influencers

Tony Robbins – Number 1 Life And Business Coach In The World

Les Brown – World’s Greatest Motivational Speaker Of All Times

JT Foxx – Number 1 Wealth Coach In The World

Marie Diamond – Feng Shui Expert who appeared in The Secret Movie – so far 500 million views

John Gray – Leading Relationship Expert & Best-Selling Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus which sold 50 million copies

Dr Demartini – Human Behaviour Specialist who appeared in The Secret Movie

Their Workshops Have Been Listed Among The World’s Best Courses

We Wanted To Give You All The Help We Possibly Can To Take Your Business To Next Level And This Is Why We Invited Some Speakers Which Will Enable You To Become A Better Entrepreneur. Here They Are:

Coach Ken Carter – Author, Speaker & Philantropist

Famous Celebrity Coach Carter will Inspire and Motivate You to Unimaginable Levels. Coach Carter’s life was featured in the famous Hollywood movie “Coach Carter” portrayed by celebrity actor and film Producer Samuel L. Jackson.
Ken Carter is a successful author, speaker & philanthropist who continues his message of teamwork, accountability, integrity and leadership. He has done over 5000 presentations, and spoke to over a million business people in the world today.

Coach Carter has been amongst the presence of the President of the United States of America, well known TV hosts and talented stars from films and music. However, Coach Carter considers the greatest and most impressive stars he has worked with are young adults, boys and girls he impacts. Coach Carter’s tough love and mentorship in succeeding in life has helped students such as Cruz from the movie, who today is a top medical professional. Coach brings the hard hitting advice about accountability, integrity, teamwork, and leadership to succeed both on & off the court.

Armand Morin – The Multimillionaire Marketing Expert

Armand Morin will share how to create a multi million pound business using the latest cutting edge marketing strategies such as creating multiple streams of income, ranking #1 in youtube, monetising webinars, becoming a bestselling author, creating a successful podcast.

Armand Morin is an Internet marketing industry expert who has built a multimillion-dollar international business. In 1996, he started with $1.83 in his pocket and no experience and has grown it into a multi-million dollar international business, which has done business in over 100 countries around the world. Over the past 20 years, he has built his Internet Marketing empire to the point that he is one of the most well known Internet Marketers in the world today teaching everyone from newbies to the experts.

He teaches exact techniques and strategies he uses in his business every day. His thousands of students have produced million dollars in online revenue. Armand Morin is one of the most referenced names in Internet marketing. A quick search on Yahoo, Google and MSN and you’ll see his name alone is on hundreds of thousands of websites. His name is mentioned in numerous books on Amazon

Mitch Carson – Public Relations Expert

Mitch Carson will share with you only ONE thing — the skills to PAY not just the Bills but to Influence, Persuade and Live the Life Of Your Own Choosing.

Mitch Carson is the author of “The Silent Salesmen”.

From humble beginnings to becoming a TV Salesman on Home Shopping Network to direct marketing sales across all platforms online and offline…

Mitch brings over 35 years of sales and marketing experience and an international speaker who have travelled to over 57 countries. He knows how to make you into a ‘star’ – not a Hollywood star, but a celebrity in your own field. Whether that’s Digital marketing or dentistry, becoming a celebrity, or thought leader, in your niche can give you a competitive advantage that leads to more business for your brand. Mitch has amassed over eight figures in infomercial sales and has shared stages with some of the biggest names in the world

Marko – Serial Investor & Entrepreneur

Marko will share with you how to create a lifestyle business leveraging property strategies, in the same way he created his passive income streams he receives from various properties and businesses. He is a serial investor and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of “Marko & Friends” ™. He grew up in a rental flat of 600sqft shared with ten other members. Today, he travels around the world in style and does funky things like Muay Thai in Chiangmai, skydives in Australia, or more crazily, feeds sharks in the deep seas in Thailand. His passion is fuelled by the streams of passive income he receives from his multiple properties and businesses.

Armed with 20 years of investment experiences, Marko’s techniques can save his students 10 to 15 years of time to achieve successes. Together with his students, they pay the lowest $psf records in many properties locally. Many are landlords holding the highest rental dollars. Some of them have used his techniques to sell their properties at prices that many seasoned agents say impossible. A few of them have done all three. Because of these, many of his students called him the “Crazy Coach”. A handful of his students are already “jobless” by design within just few years. In today market, Marko is probably one of the most effective coaches around. If you want normal result, learn from normal coach. If you want crazy result, learn from crazy coach like Marko.

Christian Moser

Christian Moser is the founder of the One Life, One List philosophy of life based on the One Life, One List system for simplifying your life and your business. He is a business automation coach for creative entrepreneurs who want to create a freedom lifestyle business where they can have the freedom of choice, time and location to live their dream life.

He has access to a worldwide network of successful expats, virtual entrepreneurs and inspirational coaches ready to support you achieve your goals and provide solutions for anything you may need from business automation, well-being, mindfulness, transformational coaching, public speaking, retreats in beautiful locations. These coaches will soon become part of the One Life, One List community, where freedom lifestyle gets created.

Christian deeply cares about people in need, so he actively participates in and speaks at workshops at the local Chamber of Commerce on the topic of refugees. Christian is planning to become a spokesperson for HIV awareness and for integrating refugees into the workplace.

He is an active member of the German Indonesian Society in Cologne and of the ICIS User Group of insurance companies, where he delivers keynote speeches yearly.

Albert Anto

Entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer and coach Albert Anto, helped to protect millions of lifes and billions of dollars’ worth of assets across asia though his sales leadership skills that positioned the products and solutions he sold as the logical choice for the business partners and their customers.

Albert has dedicated his life to helping businesses emerge from the challenges faced – the global connectivity and changing business landscapes, highly disruptive and ad-vanced technologies, changes in customer preferences and choices – through his sales mastery programs that creates absolute, true transformation and builds customers for life.

Albert is about to put you in control of your business, with his sales transformation system that will inspire and empower your organisation to soar and position as the market leaders in your industry.

This will be the transformation you are looking for.

Lynn Guo – Networking Speaker & Coach

Lynn will share how you can unleash the power of networking, how to develop proactively your network, and how to take the necessary actions to expand it. In life, there are many opportunities to network only if you want to expose yourselves to them. Lynn will share with you how to network actively by listening, staying positive, gaining the joy, building the confidence, bringing happiness to others, and genuinely helping other people.

Lynn is the Regional Director of Sales of a global office furniture supplier, where she helps her clients transformed their traditional offices not only into ergonomically and aesthetically workspaces, but also into highly collaborative and productive communities.

In the last 9 years, Lynn had travelled to over 20 countries, which are far away from her village home near to Chengdu in China. Each trip to a new country is a life learning experience for her, and also personal development to widen her horizon in life.
Also, in each trip Lynn would make sure it is a trip combined with the attendance of workshops conducted by the best teachers and mentors in the world.

Besides being successful in her career, Lynn also organized events and workshops on spirituality and personal improvement. She is active in the promotion of the program “Awakening Your Heart”. Her spiritual teacher and mentor is Jenny Sun from Shanghai. To help spread the love and wisdom of her beloved teacher, Lynn organized workshops for her in Singapore, Bali and Thailand, as well as at Harvard University. In so doing, Lynn has she has helped her teacher’s spirituality and love to over 6000 people to grow spiritually, who have also become mentally stronger and financially successful.

Gerald Lee – Vocal Coach, Performer & Trainer

“If you can’t express to impress, you won’t progress to success.”

Have you ever watched someone’s eyes glaze over when you talk? Do people change the topic once you finish? If that happens to you as a leader, how many people do you think will follow you?

As part of over 30 generations of a cappella groups, Gerald Lee has gained many experiences from the performing stages in many places, like the Esplanade, Gardens By The Bay and Changi Airport, and in countries like China, Taiwan and Korea.

As a vocal coach of the Millionaire Speakers Network, he uses those experiences to help fellow speakers to unleash their voices and never sound boring again.

In this event, he will reveal some of the secrets of how to speak more effectively through fun exercises and activities. Find out why people tune you out, and regain control of your speaking life.

Christina Koh – Business Strategist

Christina is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and Business Strategist and she will share how you can improve cash flow management, profitability or growth of your business by managing your company & businesses efficiently and effectively and automating processes so that you can work smarter not harder.

Christina Koh has over 23 years of hands-on corporate experience in financial and management accounting, finance, internal control and compliance, audit and taxation in public listed companies, increasing revenue, reducing expenses and risk, and leveraging assets


Business owner Mustafa Dervish overcame his fear of public speaking and is now confidently sharing his message on social media and easily closed a major contract a few days after the course.

Speedreading expert Alex Garcez became an international speaker after attending Speakers are Leaders and he is now confidently using the techniques learnt in front of audiences of over 1000 people. He has shared his message in Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan and UK audiences.

IT professional Sonia has overcome her huge fear of public speaking and and is now more comfortable sharing her message in meetings and in public.

Banker Annie Le has gone from an average speaker to increase her confidence levels so high that she was able to share the stage with multimilllionaire Randi Zuckerberg in front of around 1000 people and she is now confident to share her message to any number of audiences.

Recruitment consultant Marcella took the leadership to start a now successful property business that runs on autopilot, increased her productivity, reduced her workload from 60 hours a week to 21 hours a week and now has more Freedom to enjoy her life!

Scottish gymnast Steve Frew represented Scotland and Great Britain over 100 times at various International Gymnastics Competitions. He was the first Gymnastics Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist from Scotland,.

Who Is This Event Most Suitable For?

This is suitable for you if you are a speaker, coach, consultant or business owner and you would like to hook your audience with your message so they want to buy from you; if you want to share your message to the world effectively but you struggle to close enough sales; if you work in sales, network marketing or do regular presentations in your business or workplace, or if you are the CEO of a company or plan to own your own business; this is also suitable for you if you want to differentiate yourself from the rest. If you have some knowledge you can share, you can become a speaker and a leader in your organisation.













Anyone who wants to…

Create A Legacy In This World
Influence People Through Public Speaking
Deliver Your Message & Transform The Lives Of People
Monetize Your Knowledge Doing The Things You Love

Then This Is Definitely For You!

Event Details:

Sat Sun 7 & 8 March 2020
Doors open at 8:30 am
Starts 9:00 am Ends 9:00 pm

The times above for the seminar are approximate times only. Lily is committed to the highest standard of presentation and insists that all material is covered, therefore the schedule may vary.

Doors open at 9:00am sharp!

PICO Creative Centre
20 Kallang Avenue
Singapore 339411


Everyone attending the event MUST register! Registration is on Saturday 7 March, from 9 am until 6pm.
Please allow at least 30 minutes for this process.

Disclaimer: the above results are not typical for everyone, they depend on your ability, if you apply the techniques and many other factors.

Why Does The Event Go On Till 9:30pm?

Unlike many events, ours goes on till 9:30pm and here is why: the best information is shared in the later evening.



Total Value $497
Entry To The Event | Entrepreneurs Are Leaders | 7 & 8 March 2020 Sat & Sun £497
Regular Seating

(Limited Seats Available)


Total Value $1,344
Grow Your Business with Public Speaking Online Course $497
Peak Performance Sales Book Signed by the Author & Picture with the Author $100
Speakers Are Leaders Book Signed by the Author & Picture with the Author $100
Video Recordings from the Event $497
Priority Seating $150
(Limited Seats Available)


Total Value $3,338
Branding Picture With Selected Keynote Speakers $997
Meet & Greet Selected Speakers $997
Grow Your Business with Public Speaking Online Course $497
Peak Performance Sales Book Signed by the Author & Picture with the Author $100
Speakers Are Leaders Book Signed by the Author & Picture with the Author $100
Video Recordings from the Event $497
Priority Seating $150
(Limited Seats Available)

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