From: Harry Sardinas & Lily Patrascu
Re: Entrepreneurs Are Leaders Workshop

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Entrepreneurs Are Leaders Is The Most Engaging Business Event Ever Created Which Will Enable You To Become More Confident, Position Yourself As An Authority, Monetize Your Message And Get Ahead In Life

Make A Quantum Leap
That Will Take Your Life & Business To A Whole New Level

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What You Will Discover

At the ‘Entrepreneurs Are Leaders’ in London, on the 6th & 7th of July 2019,
you will discover:

How To Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking
How To Present More Effectively So More Business Comes To You
How To Expand Your Business With Public Speaking
How To Enhance Your Personal Brand So You Can Charge More For Your Services
How To Monetise Your Knowledge
How To Become An Authority in Your Business
How To Get High-End Clients
How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income In Your Business
How To Set And Accomplish Your Goals
The Most Innovative Sales Techniques
The Latest Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

IMPORTANT FACT: What Makes Us Different Is That We Give More Value

Lily Patrascu is a branding master. She will share how you too can enhance your branding and become an author with her hassle free Brand For Speakers program.

Harry Sardinas is an empowerment, public speaking and leadership coach. He will share how you too can empower yourself to overcome your fear of speaking and become a confident international speaker.

Eric Ho will share how to build wealth in your business from scratch as an entrepreneur.

Marie Diamond will share secrets to create flow in your business using the power of Feng Shui.

Armand Morin will share how to create a multi million pound business using the latest cutting edge marketing strategies such as creating multiple streams of income, ranking #1 in youtube, monetising webinars, becoming a bestselling author, creating a successful podcast.

Verónica will speak about enhancing your branding by being featured on the cover of magazines.

Dan Warburton will speak about the power of transformational coaching to enhance your performance in business and in life.

Viola will speak about enhancing your life by relieving stress and mastering breathing techniques.

What is Entrepreneurs Are Leaders?

ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs Are Leaders Gives You A Business Kickstarter Plan

Entrepreneurs are Leaders is the most engaging experiential business event ever created which will enable you to expand your business (by speaking more effectively), position yourself as an authority, monetize your knowledge and get high-end clients. It is a 2 day transformational entrepreneurship and leadership weekend course in London – 9:30am to 9:30pm, on the 6th & 7th of July 2019

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Who Is It For:

This is suitable for you if you are a speaker, and you would like to hook your audience with your message so they want to buy from you; if you want to share your message to the world effectively but you struggle to close enough sales; if you work in sales, network marketing or do regular presentations in your business or workplace, or if you are the CEO of a company or plan to own your own business; this is also suitable for you if you want to differentiate yourself from the rest. If you have some knowledge you can share, you can become a speaker and a leader in your organisation.

The Organizers

Harry Sardinas

Hi, I am Harry Sardinas – the founder of Entrepreneurs Are Leaders, Speakers are Leaders, Millionaire Speakers Network and I can empower and help you develop your leadership skills by showing you how to speak more effectively so more people want to do business with you with our international 24 hour LIVE program that was listed in the New Tycoon app among world’s best courses – alongside Gary Vaynerchuck, Dr Demartini and Robert Kiyosaki.

I have trained thousands of Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Coaches and Young people to overcome their fear of public speaking and become more confident when speaking from the stage, so they can share their message with the world, contribute to society and create wealth at the same time and I can empower you to do the same so you can achieve your full potential, get the best results at work, attract more business to you and create a movement of inspired raving fans for your product.

I am an empowerment, public speaking & leadership coach, an international speaker, an entrepreneur, inspiring leader and author of multiple of books. I was invited to speak about my book on stage at National Achievers Congress, in front of more than 2000 people. Tony Robbins, Eddy the Eagle, JT Foxx, Kevin Green also spoke at that event. I’ve won the Toastmasters international public speaking contest club and area level. I have shared the stage with world class international speakers like Les Brown, Armand Morin and Sean Seah. Learn the skills, strategies and techniques that will transform your life and business. Book your ticket now for Entrepreneurs Are Leaders and I will see you there.

Lily Patrascu

I am the co–founder of Speakers Are Leaders and the co-founder of Entrepreneurs Are Leaders. I can help you look great so more people want to do business with you. I am the author of multiple books, International Speaker and a Sales and Branding coach and my courses have been listed among the world’s best programs – alongside Tony Robbins, JT Foxx, Robert Kyosaki. I appeared on stage with Les Brown, Raymond Aaron, Richard Tan, Douglas Vermeeren and other elite speakers in front of thousands of people alongside world renown speakers in London, Peru, Singapore and many other countries in 4 different continents.

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Harry & Lily On Stage

Harry & Lily with Influencers

Tony Robbins – Number 1 Life And Business Coach In The World

Les Brown – World’s Greatest Motivational Speaker Of All Times

JT Foxx – Number 1 Wealth Coach In The World

Marie Diamond – Feng Shui Expert who appeared in The Secret Movie – so far 500 million views

John Gray – Leading Relationship Expert & Best-Selling Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus which sold 50 million copies

Dr Demartini – Human Behaviour Specialist who appeared in The Secret Movie

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I am taking all the risk. If you aren’t happy with it for whatever reason, by midday of 7th July 2019., simply ask for a refund no questions asked

Their Workshops Have Been Listed Among The World’s Best Courses

We Wanted To Give You All The Help We Possibly Can To Take Your Business To Next Level And This Is Why We Invited Some Speakers Which Will Enable You To Become A Better Entrepreneur. Here They Are:

Eric Ho The Yogi with a Lamborghini.

Eric is a Master of Conscious Creation and amongst the worlds highest paid and highly respected Spiritual Masters.

Eric is known for his unique ability to share ancient spiritual teachings in the most practical way to adapt to modern day society. His approach is like no other, teaching on the topic of Money and Spirituality and how anyone can find their purpose, combine their passion and create a freedom lifestyle of abundance.

Eric is the founder of a platform of inspiration that allows like minded individuals around the world to learn and connect. He also chairs his own non profit organisation which provides a home and education to hundreds of orphaned children in Kenya.

Eric is the author of 2 best selling books, Think Big Build Small and Set it and Forget it. For the past few years Eric’s teaching has reached out to millions of lives globally across social media platforms. Ranking number one in the field of Law of Attraction and Meditation.

Marie Diamond – The Feng Shui Expert from The Secret Movie

Marie Diamond will share secrets to create flow in your business using the power of Feng Shui.

Marie Diamond is a globally renowned Transformational Leader – Star in the worldwide phenomenon “The Secret” and other motivational documentaries. She uses her extraordinary knowledge of quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and Feng Shui energy to help people transform their environments and their lives.

Her clients include A-list celebrities in film and music, such as Steven Spielberg and the Rolling Stones; top selling authors such as Rhonda Byrne, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Bob Proctor, Marianne Williamson, and leaders from Fortune 200 companies, governments and royal families. Marie Diamond combines her intuitive gifts, the growing science of energy flow, ancient wisdom, and modern tools to enlighten homes, businesses and people. She is known for her passion to help create Enlightened leaders around the world..

Armand Morin – The Multimillionaire Marketing Expert

Armand Morin will share how to create a multi million pound business using the latest cutting edge marketing strategies such as creating multiple streams of income, ranking #1 in youtube, monetising webinars, becoming a bestselling author, creating a successful podcast.

Armand Morin is an Internet marketing industry expert who has built a multimillion-dollar international business. In 1996, he started with $1.83 in his pocket and no experience and has grown it into a multi-million dollar international business, which has done business in over 100 countries around the world. Over the past 20 years, he has built his Internet Marketing empire to the point that he is one of the most well known Internet Marketers in the world today teaching everyone from newbies to the experts.

He teaches exact techniques and strategies he uses in his business every day. His thousands of students have produced million dollars in online revenue. Armand Morin is one of the most referenced names in Internet marketing. A quick search on Yahoo, Google and MSN and you’ll see his name alone is on hundreds of thousands of websites. His name is mentioned in numerous books on Amazon

Verónica Sosa – The Business Fit Magazine Founder

Verónica will speak about enhancing your branding by being featured on the cover of magazines.

Verónica Sosa is the Foundress of Business Fit International and Business Fit Magazine, Founder of SHE (Seminar for Hispanics Entrepreneurs in Europe), author, International Speaker award winner, Relational Capital Lover. Using her knowledge and experience in Marketing, Branding and International Business she has created two platforms in English and Spanish to facilitate self-development and entrepreneurship and teaches others how to create “clarity” in their personal and professional lives.

Ultimately helping them to achieve success in their business with a purpose. Her road to self-growth and discovery lead her to become an expert in Relational Capital and Verónica gives conferences around the world in countries such as South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Spain, Holland, France, Cyprus and North America.

As the founder of SHE, an organisation for Hispanic women she helps women to achieve their goals and reach a balance between body, mind and spirit to get results and coherence in life. Her mission is to help women find their purpose in life and to empower them to reach their highest potential and expose their business in the media in order to grow exponentially.

Dan Warburton – The Transformational coach

Dan Warburton will speak about the power of transformational coaching to enhance your performance in business and in life.

Dan Warburton is known as the world’s most powerful transformational coach because numerous people state that their lives have transformed completely because of receiving his coaching. Because of this he is now regularly invited to speak at events all over the world along with side other world-renowned speakers about what transformation makes possible for entrepreneurs who are truly committed to succeeding.

Dan has experienced years and years of failure before achieving extraordinary success so Dan has now committed his life to enable as many other entrepreneurs as possible to not go through what he did and instead become enabled to access their fastest path possible to their own version of extraordinary success.

Because of the inspirational insights that Dan is so powerfully able to communicate and because of his love of life many agree that hearing him speak on stage always leaves you feeling like anything is possible so hearing Dan Warburton speak on stage is something not to be missed.

Viola Edwards – The Stress Mastery Expert

Viola will speak about enhancing your life by relieving stress and mastering breathing techniques.

Viola Edward is a Psychotherapist and Breathwork pioneer with over 25 years of experience. A leader with individual and corporate clients, Viola specialises in Professional Training in Breathwork Coaching, Breathwork for Recovery, Stress Management, Feminine Energy and Relationships. She is the co-founder of KAYANA International Breathwork and author of two books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” and “Who Makes the Bed?” Along her career path, working as a psychotherapist and Breathworker Viola has mentored, coached, counselled and trained over 5000 people in 18 countries, using her practical methods to unlock their hidden possibilities and achieve their full potential. She speaks English, Spanish and Arabic. Viola is a multi-award winner and on 12th of July 2018, the Academy of Universal Global Peace, under the affiliation of the United Nations, honoured her with a Doctorate Honoris Causa for her humanitarian work and leadership. The Ceremony was held at the University of Westminster in London. Viola has been an immigrant many times in her life. She is Venezuelan with Middle-Eastern origins and travels internationally. Since 2003, Viola has been based in Cyprus, where she lives with her husband and business partner Michael de Glanville.

Russell Leeds

Russell is a highly successful entrepreneur, trainer and property investor. He is an expert at business growth and systemisation..

Russell regularly speaks in front of hundreds of people and has appeared on BBC news as well as being featured in several newspapers.

After leaving his £15,000 per year job aged 23, he now co-runs Leeds Group Holdings, who with a small team of only 20 staff, turnover over £5M a year.

At age 19 he married his childhood sweetheart, Anna they have now been married over 10 years and have two beautiful daughters, Sienna and Emily.

Last year, Russell made the national press when he purchased the historic 16th Century mansion, Ribbesford House adding it to his ever growing property portfolio. Along with his brother Samuel he runs a successful training company called ‘Property Investors with Samuel Leeds.’ Their mission is to help as many people as possible become financially free and they have already helped tens of thousands of aspiring property investors.

Russell, recently aided Samuel Leeds in the new online TV show ‘The Eviction’.

Valerie Prasetyo

Valerie Prasetyo is an authority in investments, a serial entrepreneur, international speaker and philanthropist. She was born in Central Asia and grew up in a traditional asian family.

Holding an MBA degree, her variety of experience reaches from working for international banks, owning and directing multiple businesses to being rewarded as a world champion athlete. She used to educating and working with entrepreneurs and investors from different countries and continents to help them building awareness about personal finance and investment strategies.

As an influencer in the women empowerment industry, she focuses on providing women with the essential knowledge and tools to become independent leaders, to build up their successful business and passive income streams to create life based on their own terms and conditions. Using tremendous experience in life she turns winners into champions – she knows exactly what it takes to go from the bottom to the top and shares the basic principles of success in her speeches, seminars and in an upcoming book.

As a world-class speaker, Valerie shared stages with A-list celebrities like John Travolta and Mel Gibson, world’s best motivational speakers like Les Brown and Ona Brown, as well as business tycoons – Hugh Hilton and Steve Wozniak. Valerie was featured in multiple international business magazines as an outstanding entrepreneur and authority, as well as in many sport – related magazines and newspapers as a high performance athlete.

Nowadays, Valerie is running multiple international projects and events the mission of which is to empower, inspire and bring awareness to people how using their own skills and different tools they can build up successful business, fulfilled life and leave legacy for the future generations.

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Business owner Mustafa Dervish overcame his fear of public speaking and is now confidently sharing his message on social media and easily closed a major contract a few days after the course.

Speedreading expert Alex Garcez became an international speaker after attending Speakers are Leaders and he is now confidently using the techniques learnt in front of audiences of over 1000 people. He has shared his message in Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan and UK audiences.

IT professional Sonia has overcome her huge fear of public speaking and and is now more comfortable sharing her message in meetings and in public.

Banker Annie Le has gone from an average speaker to increase her confidence levels so high that she was able to share the stage with multimilllionaire Randi Zuckerberg in front of around 1000 people and she is now confident to share her message to any number of audiences.

Recruitment consultant Marcella took the leadership to start a now successful property business that runs on autopilot, increased her productivity, reduced her workload from 60 hours a week to 21 hours a week and now has more Freedom to enjoy her life!

Scottish gymnast Steve Frew represented Scotland and Great Britain over 100 times at various International Gymnastics Competitions. He was the first Gymnastics Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist from Scotland,.

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Event Details

Saturday 6 & 7 July 2019
Doors open at 9:00 am
Starts 9:30 am Ends 9:30 pm

The times above for the seminar are approximate times only. Lily is committed to the highest standard of presentation and insists that all material is covered, therefore the schedule may vary.
Doors open at 9:00am sharp!

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London – Tower of London 7 Pepys St, London EC3N 4AF


Everyone attending the event MUST register! Registration is on Saturday 6th July 2019, from 9 am until 6pm.
Please allow at least 30 minutes for this process.

Disclaimer: the above results are not typical for everyone, they depend on your ability, if you apply the techniques and many other factors.

Why Does The Event Go On Till 9.30pm?

Unlike many events, ours goes on till 9.30pm and here is why: the best information is shared in the later evening.



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Grow Your Business with Public Speaking Online Course £497
Peak Performance Sales Book Signed by the Author & Picture with the Author £100
Speakers Are Leaders Book Signed by the Author & Picture with the Author £100
Video Recordings from the Event £497
Priority Seating £150
(Limited Seats Available)

Entry To The Event | Entrepreneurs Are Leaders | 6 & 7 July 2019 Sat & Sun £497
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