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Re: Entrepreneurs Are Leaders Workshop

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Entrepreneurs Are Leaders Is The Most Engaging Business Event Ever Created Which Will Enable You To Become More Confident, Position Yourself As An Authority, Monetize Your Message And Get Ahead In Life

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That Will Take Your Life & Business To A Whole New Level

 What You Will Discover

At the ‘Entrepreneurs Are Leaders’ , you will discover:

How To Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking
How To Present More Effectively So More Business Comes To You
How To Expand Your Business With Public Speaking
How To Enhance Your Personal Brand So You Can Charge More
How To Monetise Your Knowledge

How To Become An Authority in Your Business
How To Get High-End Clients
How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income In Your Business
How To Set And Accomplish Your Goals
The Most Innovative Sales Techniques
The Latest Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

IMPORTANT FACT: What Makes Us Different Is That We Give More Value!

Lily Patrascu is a branding master. She will share how you too can enhance your branding and become an author with her hassle free Brand For Speakers program.

Harry Sardinas is an empowerment, public speaking and leadership coach. He will share how you too can empower yourself to overcome your fear of speaking and become a confident international speaker.



Hi, I am Harry Sardinas – the founder of Entrepreneurs Are Leaders, Speakers are Leaders, Millionaire Speakers Network and I can empower and help you develop your leadership skills by showing you how to speak more effectively so more people want to do business with you with our international 24 hour LIVE program that was listed in the New Tycoon app among world’s best courses – alongside Gary Vaynerchuck, Dr Demartini and Robert Kiyosaki.
I have trained thousands of Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Coaches and Young people to overcome their fear of public speaking and become more confident when speaking from the stage, so they can share their message with the world, contribute to society and create wealth at the same time and I can empower you to do the same so you can achieve your full potential, get the best results at work, attract more business to you and create a movement of inspired raving fans for your product.

I am an empowerment, public speaking & leadership coach, an international speaker, an entrepreneur, inspiring leader and author of multiple of books. I was invited to speak about my book on stage at National Achievers Congress, in front of more than 2000 people. Tony Robbins, Eddy the Eagle, JT Foxx, Kevin Green also spoke at that event. I’ve won the Toastmasters international public speaking contest club and area level. I have shared the stage with world class international speakers like Les Brown, Armand Morin and Sean Seah. Learn the skills, strategies and techniques that will transform your life and business. Book your ticket now for Entrepreneurs Are Leaders and I will see you there.


I am the co–founder of Speakers Are Leaders and the co-founder of Entrepreneurs Are Leaders. I can help you look great so more people want to do business with you. I am the author of multiple books, International Speaker and a Sales and Branding coach and my courses have been listed in the New Tycoon platform among the world’s best programs – Tony Robbins, JT Foxx, Robert Kyosaki. I appeared on stage at the same event as Les Brown, Raymond Aaron, Douglas Vermeeren and other elite speakers in front of thousands of people alongside world renowned speakers in London, Peru, Singapore and many other countries in 4 different continents.

What is Entrepreneurs Are Leaders?

ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs Are Leaders Gives You A Business Kickstarter Plan

Entrepreneurs are Leaders is the most engaging experiential business event ever created which will enable you to expand your business (by speaking more effectively), position yourself as an authority, monetize your knowledge and get high-end clients. It is a 2 day transformational entrepreneurship and leadership weekend course.

Who is it for:

This is suitable for you if you are a speaker, and you would like to hook your audience with your message so they want to buy from you; if you want to share your message to the world effectively but you struggle to close enough sales; if you work in sales, network marketing or do regular presentations in your business or workplace, or if you are the CEO of a company or plan to own your own business; this is also suitable for you if you want to differentiate yourself from the rest. If you have some knowledge you can share, you can become a speaker and a leader in your organisation.

Harry & Lily On Stage

Harry And Lily With Influencers

Tony Robbins – Number 1 Life And Business Coach In The World

Les Brown – World’s Greatest Motivational Speaker Of All Times

JT Foxx – Number 1 Wealth Coach In The World

Marie Diamond – Feng Shui Expert who appeared in The Secret Movie – so far 500 million views

John Gray – Leading Relationship Expert & Best-Selling Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus which sold 50 million copies

Dr Demartini – Human Behaviour Specialist who appeared in The Secret Movie

Their Workshops Have Been Listed Among The World’s Best Courses

We Wanted To Give You All The Help We Possibly Can To Take Your Business To Next Level And This Is Why We Invited Some Speakers Which Will Enable You To Become A Better Entrepreneur. Here They Are:

Mark Bundschu

Mark Bundschu is the managing director of Credit Collection Services and Custcare Ltd. He is also the managing director of Bookfinders Ltd., which includes ABC Bookshops in Galway as well as Easons in Letterkenny.

Mark steeped in business in Letterkenny along with his many business interest on a national level. In 2014, he celebrated the 20 years of providing affordable variety of reading materials in the North West, through ABC bookshop, Books Direct and Easons.

After developing Books Direct successfully in 2005, he incorporated into the Easons brand and now has two outlets in Letterkenny and one in Droghega. During difficult times he has demonstrated hard work and dedication and takes a hand-on approach.

Mark has a strong commitment to retail life in Letterkenny and has been the driving force behind the Letterkenny Town Team and is dedicated to ensuring the town centre prospers.

Joe Guthrie

Joe Guthrie has an impressive history as a serial entrepreneur, senior corporate executive, business coach and mentor. He started his career in accountancy and sees this fundamental grounding in numbers, reporting and analysis as one of the keys to his success. He has built successful businesses that can run without him by focusing on processes, systems and developing measurement tools and KPIs that facilitate the effective management of people. Joe is passionate about helping other business owners achieve this outcome so that they can maximise their success and have a balanced and fulfilling life experience.

He has founded six successful businesses including Gulp which he co-founded and launched in 2002. Gulp achieved $7M annual turnover within three years, was distinguished by its supplier Aquathin as its top global distributor within 24 months of commencement and recognised as the highest performing first year distributorship in the manufacturers 30-year history. This outstanding success led to requests from other European distributors for advice and guidance. Because of his willingness to help other replicate this success, he developed a reputation as an effective coach and mentor to business owners and executive teams.

Prior to Gulp, he worked for 7 years for US multinational Ionics Inc serving initially as European Sales Manager followed by 3 years as General Manager of Irish Operations and finally as Vice President of the US Consumer Division. During his time with the company he successfully launched the consumer water division in Europe, established a base of operations for the company in Ireland growing it from a zero base to $5M in turnover in less than two years. In the US he was charged with maximising the value of a division and oversaw a turnaround that saw the company move from a position of dropping 600 customers per month to adding 4000 per month within 4 months of assuming the role.
Joe is also passionate and committed to personal growth and development and has invested significantly in his own education in these areas. He has studied with Tony Robbins having completed his Mastery University and Leadership Academy programs where he has studied and mastered the techniques that Tony Robbins himself uses to held and empower participants at his events. Joe now returns regularly to serve in the Leadership team at Robbins events worldwide supporting participants in achieving their outcomes through these programs. He has also studied meditation and mindfulness in India as well as the ancient Hawaiian conflict resolution process of Ho’oponopono. He a unique mix of skills, tools and life experience to support individuals and businesses in achieving their outcomes.

Coach Ken Carter – Author, Speaker & Philantropist

Coach Ken Carter is an American business owner, education activist & firm believer that “greatness is defined by the service you give to others.” Rated as one of the top speakers by Hunger for Success: Educating, Motivating & Inspiring.

Coach Carter’s huge contribution was recognized in the famous Hollywood movie “Coach Carter” portrayed by actor and film Producer Samuel L. Jackson

Ken Carter is a successful author, speaker & philantropist who continues his message of teamwork, accountability, integrity and leadership. Doing over 5000 presentations, and speaking to over a million business man in the world today.

Coach has been amongst the presence of many greats, such as the President of the United States of America, well known TV host and a list of talented stars from films and music, the list itself would fill a page. However, Coach considers the greatest and most imprresive stars he has worked with are young adults, boys and girls he impacts. Coaches tough love and mentorship in succeeding in life has helped students such as Cruz from the movie, who today is a top medical professional. Coach brings the hard hitting advice about accountability, integrity, teamwork, and leadership to succeed both on & off the court.

Dee Lana – Productivity Coach

Author & Public Speaker Dee Lana Created A Female Entrepreneur Group To Help More Women Get Stuff Done – Centred Around The Information In Her Book.

Dee Lana is the author of the amazing system designed to help tens of thousands of people achieve personal excellence and improve productivity. She is a productivity coach and a motivational speaker, regularly inspiring women worldwide to live the life they deserve.

She is the founder of the SWEET (Sisters with Entrepreneurial Excellence and Talent) Women’s Empowerment group and co-creative producer of the SWEET Women Events Newsletter.

Christian Moser

Christian Moser will speak about how you too can save thousands of dollars, time and increase your productivity and happiness using the One Life, One List system.

Christian Moser is the founder of the One Life, One List philosophy of life based on the One Life, One List system for simplifying your life and your business. He is a business automation coach for creative entrepreneurs who want to create a freedom lifestyle business where they can have the freedom of choice, time and location to live their dream life.


Business owner Mustafa Dervish overcame his fear of public speaking and is now confidently sharing his message on social media and easily closed a major contract a few days after the course.

Speedreading expert Alex Garcez became an international speaker after attending Speakers are Leaders and he is now confidently using the techniques learnt in front of audiences of over 1000 people. He has shared his message in Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan and UK audiences.

IT professional Sonia has overcome her huge fear of public speaking and and is now more comfortable sharing her message in meetings and in public.

Banker Annie Le has gone from an average speaker to increase her confidence levels so high that she was able to share the stage with multimilllionaire Randi Zuckerberg in front of around 1000 people and she is now confident to share her message to any number of audiences.

Recruitment consultant Marcella took the leadership to start a now successful property business that runs on autopilot, increased her productivity, reduced her workload from 60 hours a week to 21 hours a week and now has more Freedom to enjoy her life!

Scottish gymnast Steve Frew represented Scotland and Great Britain over 100 times at various International Gymnastics Competitions. He was the first Gymnastics Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist from Scotland,.

Event Details:

Sat Sun 25 & 26 April 2020
Doors open at 9:00 am
Starts 9:30 am Ends 9:30 pm

The times above for the seminar are approximate times only. Lily is committed to the highest standard of presentation and insists that all material is covered, therefore the schedule may vary.

Doors open at 9:00am sharp!

Dublin, Ireland


Everyone attending the event MUST register! Registration is on Saturday 25 April, from 9 am until 6pm.
Please allow at least 30 minutes for this process.

Disclaimer: the above results are not typical for everyone, they depend on your ability, if you apply the techniques and many other factors.

Why Does The Event Go On Till 8:30pm?

Unlike many events, ours goes on till 8:30pm and here is why: the best information is shared in the later evening.



Branding Picture With Selected Keynote Speakers £997
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Wednesday Night Mastermind Dinner with Harry and Lily in the Ritz Bar £2997
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Speakers Are Leaders Book Signed by the Author & Picture with the Author £100
Video Recordings from the Event £497
Priority Seating £150
(Limited Seats Available)


Grow Your Business with Public Speaking Online Course £497
Peak Performance Sales Book Signed by the Author & Picture with the Author £100
Speakers Are Leaders Book Signed by the Author & Picture with the Author £100
Video Recordings from the Event £497
Priority Seating £150
(Limited Seats Available)


Entry To The Event | Entrepreneurs Are Leaders | 6 & 7 July 2019 Sat & Sun £497
Regular Seating £100

(Limited Seats Available)

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